Linjett 39

New model 2021

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By combining generations of experience and craftsmanship with 3D design technology, the Linjett 39 is Rosättra’s first model to be finalised and approved at the drawing stage. These digital advances have allowed Linjett Yachts to show realistic, high quality renderings of the Linjett 39 and receive several orders of the yacht before the production even started. An example of the confidence existing in Rosättra Boatyard’s ability to incorporate advances in modern technology to the traditional design and build process.

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The Linjett 39 is building on the evolution of the flagship Linjett 43. Retaining the renowned narrow and quick waterline of Linjett Yachts, the Linjett 39’s cabin top has been raised to give it a defined silhouette and the freeboard is also higher. Having gained valuable experience of building the Shogun 50 and 43 at Rosättra Boatyard, advances in hull construction have also been applied to the Linjett 39, making it lighter and stiffer in the water.

Whether for sailing or socialising, the cockpit of the Linjett 39 has been designed to allow for both. For those who do not actively sail, they are safe in the front, while the helmsman is free to handle the yacht single-handedly from the aft. Much design and planning has taken place to ensure it is easy to handle the yacht on your own. All lines are drawn to the back, all winches are within reach for the helm and the two steering wheels provide great overview and mobility. For increased safety, the steering systems are separated, plus all surfaces and corners have soft edges. The deck is designed to be neat and functional. The bow has more of a traditional angle to maintain optimised access to the archipelago's natural harbours.

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Major changes have taken place below deck in the Linjett 39. By combining craftsmanship with modern technology, the interiors have been redesigned to create a significantly larger salon area. By introducing two reinforcing beams at the kitchen and from the mast foot up to the chest plates, built with injected solid, long fibres to increase stiffness and reduce weight – the head has been moved further in front of the salon, allowing for a much larger space and the possibility of an additional draining room for showers and wet gear.

With a more opened-up interior, it feels more like you are stepping into the space rather than stepping down. With three windows recessed into the hull, letting in natural light to the whole boat, being inside the Linjett 39 is also to be close to the elements outside (whether in dock or sailing). It is comfortable, and welcoming. In additional, the Linjett 39 is also available in a light oak finish.

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Fun, spacious and social

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Rig & Sails

Like our other models, the Linjett 39 is built to be fast, safe and easy to sail, equipped with a 9/10 Seldén rig and double swept spreaders as standard. Able to be handled by one person, the helmsman has full control of all rigging lines. The halyards and sheets are all run back to the helm position with double winches by each steering pedestal. Even in tough conditions, this yacht never requires more than two people.

Linjett yachts have received much praise for their ability to carry large sails and still balance perfectly – the new Linjett 39 is no exception. Equipped with a 107% jib that works well with both a regular jib sheeting system and in the self-tacker. With the combination of a quick hull, large rudders and a powerful engine (Volvo Penta D2 50), the Linjett 39 offers great boat handling in all situations, and with a light hull it is also possible to build the Linjett 39 with an electric engine.


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  • LOA 12,15 m
  • LWL 11 m
  • Beam 3,95 m
  • Draft 2,15 m
  • Displacement 8700 kg
  • Engine Volvo Penta D2 50
  • Drive Sail Drive
  • Fuel 200 L
  • Water 350 L
  • Mast Height 18,70 m
  • Main Sail 52,9 m^2
  • Jib 107% 38 m^2
  • Selftacking Jib 34 m^2
  • Spinnaker 143 m^2
  • Code 0 80,8 m^2
  • CE-Category A-Ocean
  • Design Linjett Design


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