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As a yacht the Linjett 39 was complete already at the drawing stage: we took the best of two worlds when giving a digital dimension to craftsmanship through 3D-design. The result is a luxurious and modern family cruiser for the entire family to enjoy. The Linjett 39 is where innovative function meets handicraft and finesse, with clever solutions that make life on board pleasant and simple. 

"The layout of the interior is extremely clever. The Linjett team has really worked their magic and found solutions that make it simple to reach all the technical equipment with extra hatchers. It’s like the boat has two layouts – one for the technical equipment, and one for the living spaces. It feels very open and maintenance friendly."
Bertil Jauren, L39-02 Liana


Through higher freeboards and coach roof the Linjett 39 has a more distinctive silhouette than her sisters, yet still retains the signature slender Linjett waterline, slanting bow and timelessness. The Linjett Design Team has utilised its combined sailing and design experience to give her a dynamic hull that is lighter and stiffer in the water and an absolute joy to sail.

During the development process we put a lot of effort into creating solutions that simplify the handling of the boat. All sheets, halyards and control lines run smoothly under the deck back to the helm station and allow the Linjett 39 to be sailed to its full potential even with a smaller crew. This solution also keeps the large cockpit open and clutter free, making it feel simultaneously protected and inviting – regardless of how active of a role you play in the actual sailing of the boat.


The flow of the cockpit continues into the interior, which is airy and social, yet still cosy. With its spacious salon, large galley and roomy head - the Linjett 39 is a yacht to be lived in. The floors flow continuously at one level throughout the boat, which provides a free line of sight and amplifies the sense of space and volume and six large hull windows provides ample natural light and blurs the line between inside and outside.

Traditionally the placement of the bulkhead in a yacht is fairly fixed, it affects the layout and limits the interior options of a yacht. In the Linjett 39 we have combined and reinforced the bulkheads with two laminated beams, which allowed us to create a more spacious salon. She is a modern yacht designed for comfort: everywhere you will find clever storage solutions – each item has its own designated space, whether its equipment or electronics. To starboard there is a separate draining room with a shower and space for wet gear. In the aft there are two generous stowage compartments.

The Linjett 39 comes in two different layout versions, with either a 3-cabin or 2-cabin interior layout.

The Two-Cabin Layout

The second layout version got off to a flying start when we received multiple requests for a two-cabin layout at relatively short notice. We started drawing on an alternative layout, and via the sketches immediately received two orders of the L39 with the two-cabin layout. The journey was underway.

This version of the L39 is designed to sail longer distances more comfortably, with plenty of space for equipment and larger living spaces. In addition, this version has larger water tanks and a bigger holding tank than the standard layout.

The two-cabin layout has a larger owner’s cabin in the bow, with both a wider and longer berth with a total length of 210 cm. The owner’s cabin has more cupboards and drawers, as well as a recessed sliding door. The front bulkhead has been moved slightly aft, making the bow’s sail storage locker larger than on the standard layout. The heads is on the opposite side of the galley, and it is more spacious with greater storages than on the standard layout. The two-cabin version has a separate shower with a glass door as standard, creating the feeling of a real bathroom. Instead of the starboard aft berth, there is a large storage accessible from the cockpit, with a separated wet gear compartment.

Pure Joy at Sea

"It feels balanced, light and secure – like it is in perfect harmony."
Kia von Platen, L39-02 Liana

Rig & Sails

Quick, safe and easy to handle, that was the goal when developing the rig and sails for the Linjett 39. Linjett yachts have received much praise for their ability to carry large sails and still balance perfectly – Linjett 39 is no exception. Her foretriangle is the same size as that of the Linjett 43, but she feels extremely reliable and steady, even at aggressive angles. Thanks to a clever deck layout you never need to be more than two people to sail her – no matter the weather conditions.

The aluminium rig from Seldén has a keel stepped 9/10 mast with double swept spreaders for increased tuning possibilities and maximum performance. One feature that is widely appreciated is that like all Linjett yachts, the Linjett 39 can all be fitted with a self-tacking jib with a 107% overlap, which works just as well partially unfurled as fully out. As an option, all Linjett’s yachts can be delivered with a carbon rig from Seldén.

The Linjett 39 aslo comes with the option of electric propulsion.


  • LOA 12,15 m
  • LWL 11 m
  • Beam 3,95 m
  • Draft 2,15 m
  • Displacement 8700 kg
  • Engine Volvo Penta D2 50
  • Drive Sail Drive
  • Fuel 200 L
  • Water 350 L
  • Mast Height 18,70 m
  • Main Sail 52,9 m²
  • Jib 107% 38 m²
  • Selftacking Jib 34 m²
  • Spinnaker 143 m²
  • Code 0 80,8 m²
  • CE-Category A-Ocean
  • Design Linjett Design


Boat Tests

Video - Toby Hodges, Yachting World (ENG)

"What a Swedish gem! Fast cruising, superior comfort and premium quality build - the Linjett 39 exudes class..."
- Toby Hodges, Yachting World

Video by YACHT tv (GER)

"...was für eine Yacht, was für eine Bootsbaukunst! Seht es euch an!"

Hauke Schmidt, YACHT (GER)

"Elegant, agil, dabei leicht zu segeln und mit überragender Bauqualität. Mit der Linjett 39 präsentiert die Rosättra Båtvarv eine moderne Fahrtenyacht, wie sie heute sein soll."
- Hauke Schmidt, YACHT

Loïc Madeline, Voiles et Voiliers (FRA)

VIDÉO. Essai. "Ce bateau est la révélation de l’année. Il fait preuve d’une finition irréprochable, présente un équipement de série très fourni et se révèle bon marcheur." - Loïc Madeline, Voiles et Voiliers

Jury Comments, Voiles et Voiliers (FRA)

European Yacht of the Year. Le Linjett 39, vainqueur inattendu, vu par la presse européenne.

Sam Jefferson, Sailing Today (ENG)

"The Linjett 39 proved itself to be a lively performer for a big boat; close winded and sensitive, with decent amounts of acceleration and the ability to ghost through the puffs."
- Sam Jefferson, Sailing Today, UK

Vela e Motore, Paolo Portinari, (ITA)

"Costruito con processi artigianali, il 39 piedi del cantiere svedese vince nella categoria Family Cruiser. Lo fa grazie alle qualità che esprime in ogni aspetto, al grande equilibrio estetico e alle prestazioni superiori alla media."
Paolo Portinari, Vela e Motore (CH - FRA)

"Le Linjett 39 se h1sse sur la plus haute marche du podium avec une prestation peu spectaculaire, ma1s robuste."

Vene, Pasi Nuutinen (FIN)

"Linjett 39 tarjoaa harvinaisen maistelumenun: hieman klassista ulkonäköä, hieman modernia tilankäyttöä ja paljon vanhan hyvän ajan pohjoismaisen saaristoristeilijän purjehdustuntumaa."
- Pasi Nuutinen, Vene

Axel Nissen-Lie, Seilmagasinet (NO)

"Kvalitet trumfer kvantitet! Linjett 39 er en rask luksusseiler, som også er den beste familieseileren."
- Axel Nissen-Lie, Seilmagasinet

Praktiskt Båtägande, Joakim Hermansson (SWE)

"Riktiga segelbåtslinjer, hantverk i världsklass och njutning vid rodret betalar sig. När Rosättra Båtvarv gjorde premiär i European Yacht of the Year blev det seger direkt med Linjett 39."
- Joakim Hermansson, Praktiskt Båtägande

Dagens PS (SWE)

"Nya Linjett 39 från Rosättra Båtvarv har visat att traditionella svenska segelbåtar går hem även utanför Norden, och kammade hem sin klass i European Yacht of the Year."
- Gustaf Gripenlöf Karlberg (SWE)

Så här ska en “Family Cruiser” se ut enligt de tolv seglingsjournalister som utnämnde Linjett 39 till European Yacht of the Year. (SWE)

"Anyone looking for an "iron" with straight hull sides and extremely wide stern has to keep searching. The L39 stays stylish and does it well. Here is Claes Olivecrona's first impressions from the test."

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