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Linjett Brokerage

As a full-service boat yard, yacht brokerage is a natural part of our business and we are usually the first to be informed when our owners start considering a switch to a larger or smaller model. As the manufacturer, we know our yachts well and can provide guarantees, service and safety in the ownership of your new yacht.


Looking for an almost new Linjett? All the boats below are available for sale today. Please contact us if you do not find your preferred model and we will help with your search.

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Owner Benefits

Buying a Linjett is an investment on many levels, therefore it is important that a buyer feels comfortable and confident in what they are getting. In buying a previously owned yacht from the yard that initially built it, the buyer gains an extra level of trust and comfort in the knowledge that all our brokerage boats are thoroughly checked and come with a detailed product declaration. As a full-service boat yard, we are also able to offer support and advice after your purchase with service, upgrades, berth and storage.

We are also members of Sweboat (The Swedish Boat Industry Federation) and use contracts and suppliers that have been approved by the Swedish Consumer Agency.