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Welcome to Linjett

You will never want to go ashore

Our grandfather would say that we build such fine boats because we have such good customers. At the time we didn't really understand, but today we do. Our success is thanks to the great relationship we have with each of our customers, and we are proud of the personal and dedicated service we offer them. Since the boat yard opened in 1886, we have had a time-honoured tradition of close contact with all our customers and adapting each boat specifically to their needs. By ensuring every element of the boat is completed in-house – from development and design, to production and aftercare – our customers have a constant connection to the boat yard, which allows us to keep our quality high and prices low.

We build what we believe in - small scale production done to the highest quality – which is why our Linjett yachts have remained among the fastest in their classes for almost 50 years.

– Markus Gustafsson (CEO), Daniel Gustafsson & Kristoffer Gustafsson

Made in Sweden
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The journalists' words on L39

Exciting reading about our new model Linjett 39 have started to come out! Sam Jefferson from Sailing Today was one of the first to test the Linjett 39 and you can read his full boat test on their website, linked below. Claes Olivcrona at Hamnen.se has recently sailed the L39, he writes, as part of his first impression, that: “…the more I get to know the boat, the more it appears as one of my personal favorites in the cruising class.” The entire test from Hamnen.se will be published shortly.


Hauke Schmidt, YACHT (GER)

"Elegant, agil, dabei leicht zu segeln und mit überragender Bauqualität. Mit der Linjett 39 präsentiert die Rosättra Båtvarv eine moderne Fahrtenyacht, wie sie heute sein soll."
- Hauke Schmidt, YACHT

Sam Jefferson, Sailing Today (ENG)

"The Linjett 39 proved itself to be a lively performer for a big boat; close winded and sensitive, with decent amounts of acceleration and the ability to ghost through the puffs." - Sam Jefferson, Sailing Today, UK

Hamnen.se (SV)

"Anyone looking for an "iron" with straight hull sides and extremely wide stern has to keep searching. The L39 stays stylish and does it well. Here is Claes Olivecrona's first impressions from the test."

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Good as it gets, sailing Linjetts

The boat yard has a great relationship with their customers, who are all welcomed into the Linjett family when they become an owner of one of our yachts.


Throughout the whole ownership of the yacht, we encourage our customers to leave their own imprint  and become an integral part of their boat’s journey – from design and build, right through to support and servicing, the close contact we have with each individual customer is what makes Linjett a success. No Linjett has ever left Rosättra without having some part of its owner stamped on it, which is why deviating from the standard, is the standard with Linjett.

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Success In The Details

From its humble beginnings in 1886 as a small Swedish boat yard, to its renowned reputation today as one of the most established and quality boat builders in the world, the Rosättra Boat Yard has overcome financial crises and world conflicts for nearly 135 years. It has managed to carve out this success by ensuring an attention to detail and level of customer service that can only come from five generations of the same families working in partnership with their customers. And today, this dedicated family team still retain their focus on tradition and service while also driving Linjett forward through innovative design and smart solutions.


With our customers at the very centre of our business, we invite you to visit us and experience for yourselves the high quality style and grace of Linjett by meeting with our design and engineering teams or test sailing one of our models and viewing our previously-owned yachts. We will always have time to welcome you to Rosättra Boat Yard.

"Generations of experience and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of a boat yard that has entered its third century of boat building, however the relationship and communication between a customer and boatbuilder is just as important. It is our sense of responsibility and duty of care to our customers and our boats that make us unique."
Markus Gustafsson, CEO, Rosättra Boatyard AB

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We Care For Your Boat

It is our responsibility to make the ownership of your yacht as easy and as safe as possible. Having your yacht looked after by a team that know it as well as you, is a unique opportunity for Linjett owners and has been a signature service at Rosättra for nearly 135 years. No question or concern is too big or too small for our customers, as we care as much for your Linjett as you do.


Winter Storage & Service
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Linjett Brokerage

Looking for an almost new Linjett? We are regularly the first to be informed when a Linjett owner considers selling their yacht as we like to take the responsibility of servicing and checking every previously owned yacht before they change hands. Buying a boat from the manufacturer gives all parties comfort and trust in the process, and we are more than happy to assist you in finding your next Linjett.


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