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Over 200 Linjett yachts come home to be stored at Rosättra Boat Yard every winter. To have your yacht stored and annually serviced by the original manufacturer is a unique asset that is becoming more popular with Linjett owners, and at Rosättra we will prepare your yacht for the cold weather as well as help check for any maintenance requirements.


We have specific service facilities and teams that can take care of customer changes, upgrades and improvements that need to be done before the spring launch. And if your yacht has been damaged during the season, you can relax knowing it will be professionally fixed. Rosättra takes responsibility for the entire lifespan of all our Linjett yachts and support all our owners in ensuring they get the most enjoyment from all our yachts.

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Summer Berth & Winter Storage

About 50 Linjett owners keep their yachts at Rosättra throughout the year, and we currently have room for additional boats at the Quay and Y-boom. By keeping your Linjett at Rosättra, you will not only benefit from our welcome cruising waters but also from the skilled service and maintenance teams available at the boat yard. Just hand in your keys and we can fix any issues ahead of your weekend sailing, and when winter comes around and it's time to get your boat out of the water, we can have everything arranged. Come spring, you can pick up the keys at an agreed time knowing your yacht has been fully maintained and relaunched for summer.

Winter storage at Rosättra will include the yard lifting and rigging off, preserving the engine and protecting it from frost. In addition, you will also get our professional team checking over your yacht and making suggestions for maintenance requirements and follow ups.

Let us worry about your boat, so you don’t have to.

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Service & Maintenance

What is used, must be maintained: especially those that are subject to heavy wear and tear. When we take your boat out of the water in the autumn, then is the time when we review and agree on what needs to be fixed, replaced or upgraded. The team will then book the time required in our service hall for everything to be completed ahead of a spring launch.

If you have ordered a full-service, you only need to tell us what date you want to be sailing again in the spring, and our team will handle the rest. Rosättra is a complete service yard – no request is too big or too small.

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Damage & Repair

Every year, damage will occur to yachts that requires detailed and complicated repairs that need to be managed effectively – especially if contact with insurance companies is required. Running aground and being struck by lightning are the most common events that can cause hard-to-find and visible damage, and Rosättra’s reputation as a reliable and quality boat yard plays an important role in making the process between owner and insurer run as smoothly as possible.

Rosättra also receives yachts by truck for servicing, and we are also able to send out a service technician on request (unless it requires composite or keel work).

Linjett Certified

Service Partners

Linjett cooperates with a number of boatyards to enable easy ownership, even for those who are not near the Linjett Boatyard. Linjett Certified Service Partners are partners we are confident have the same values ​​regarding quality, accuracy and knowledge as us.

We have continuous dialogues with our service partners. This means that you, as a Linjett owner, can feel confident turning to them for all matters regarding service, repair and maintenance. If you purchase a new Linjett, you are also guaranteed winter storage with any of our service partners.

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Our Environmental Contribution

For each boat that Rosättra Båtvarv AB manufactures or services, we donate 200SEK to Sweboat, the Swedish Boat Industry Association’s Environmental Fund which supports:
- preventive environmental measures for production and service
- investigation and mapping of pollution
- business system adaption and remediation measures
- preventive information